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​an artist, a muse, myself

Dinah Langsjoen is a self-taught artist living up-above-the-world-so-high in the Colorado Rockies. Enjoying a life of spontaneous adventure, she has fallen madly in love with the beauty of the West. Originally from the midwest, she considers Minnesota and Wisconsin the stomping grounds of her youth, though does not expect to blow home in the foreseeable future.

Things happen, and the 27-year old Dinah goes with the flow of life as it happens. Her most recent abstract paintings display a fluidity and organic growth reminiscent of her outlook on life. To her, the art is the creation and journey attached to each work. She knows where she begins, but the adventure lies in how she reaches the end result of her art.

Dinah has worked on hundreds of commissions in media ranging from Acrylic and Oil to Graphite and Ink. She has collaborated with other visual artists, musicians, and designers, as well as tattooists in need of new inspiration.

Dinah Langsjoen is currently looking for the right gallery for her work, and has shown in small galleries and coffee shoppes in her various travels. Her goal as an artist is to continue to influence her abstract work with the her daily experiences while inspiring other creatives to do the same. 

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